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Math & Astronomy

Measurement Toolset

Great hands-on Learning Experience for Math Students

Includes: 3D Compass, Trig Ruler, Sky Map Guide, Star Map Guide, Sky Map Overlay, User Guide.

Get 3D Compass Star Coordinates »

Star Finder

3D Compass Star Pointer

Wandering at night and trying to locate stars? 3D Compass can help!

A new way of looking at the sky.

Get Star Coordinates

Table of star coordinates based on selected time, latitude and longitude

User Guide

How to use 3D Compass, Trig Ruler and Sky Map

Star Map Guide

Celestial coordinates of 56 Constellation and major stars is tabulated and step by step guide is provide to compute the Right Ascension and declination of celestial objects from any location on earth.

Sky Map Guide

Every month, the sky appears to shift 30 degrees if we observe at a specific time. This phenomenon occurs because the Earth completes a single rotation about its own axis in 23 hours and 56 minutes, but for a fixed location on earth to face sun again it takes a full 24 hours (since the earth rotates around the sun also). The extra 4 minutes account for one extra degree of rotation and in 30 days we have 30 extra degrees of rotation. The SkyMap Guide describes a month to month correlation of the celestial map to the corresponding earth map.

Trig Ruler

Visualize Trigonometric identities of SIN, COS and TAN directly from scale.

Overlay of Night Sky & Constelations

Search for paterns in the sky.

Life Cycle of Sun

Learn how stars are formed!

Earth, Moon and Sun

Find positions of earth, moon and sun.